A Radio Play with a Culinary Twist

Put on your apron, crack open a bottle of beer, get cooking, and give us a call. Because we are about to tell you a story, all while your dinner is cooking.

From our kitchen to yours

As long as we can remember we’ve been experimenting in our kitchens, and taken immense joy in sharing the fruits of our labor.

So we wanted to produce our take on the quintessential feel-good box of Mac and Cheese and transform it into something magical. Once you open your box of The Mac & Cheese Affair you are thrown into a black and white world, choc full of Romeo and Juliet romances and elite private investigators. This box lets your mind wander as flavors and stories come alive in your very own kitchen, with all the nostalgic satisfaction of neon-orange cheese.

Made with all real ingredients so there's no wrong choice.

Make it Yours

Make The Mac & Cheese Affair uniquely yours. You're in control of your own experience. Looking for inspiration, our chef's have dreamed up with some amazing dishes.

Recipe Remix

Recipe Remix

Recipe Remix

Recipe Remix

Recipe Remix

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our commonly asked questions.

The Mac & Cheese Affair is a radio play that takes place over the phone in the time it takes to cook a box of Mac and Cheese;  and designed by Aramael and Simone, and our wonderful team of actors, photographers, models, directors, and artists.

Each order of The Mac & Cheese Affair includes an multi-part radio drama, and a box of mac and cheese. Assembly is required, and you’ll likely need milk and butter but this is your experience, feel free to customize your dish however you’d like.

The Mac & Cheese Affair is designed to take place in the time it takes to pull together a simple weeknight dinner. We find it typically takes about 30 minutes.

Yes, and if you’re keeping tabs this is round 7 of 99’s delightful brewing experiments.