The Mac & Cheese Affair - Canadian Edition

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Title: Thursday, July 28th 2022 7:00 PM

The Mac & Cheese Affair: a radio play with a culinary twist. This isn’t your average box of mac and cheese; once you open the box you are thrown into a black and white world, choc full of Romeo and Juliet romances and elite private investigators. The Mac & Cheese Affair lets your mind wander as flavors and stories come alive in your very own kitchen.  You’ll have the chance take a time machine to your childhood, and listen in on a noire detective’s adventures, with all the nostalgic satisfaction of neon-orange cheese.

This Canadian Edition is for our Chef's located outside of the United States in Canada. Phone numbers in this edition have been exchanged for Canadian phone numbers to ensure our Chef's avoid basic rates for international calls.

Our operators will manage all your interactions with characters in the show with a unique call-in system (yes, real phones!). Our story takes place in Hollywood, and in order to participate you will be making and receiving phone calls to phone numbers with Toronto, ON based area codes, so please be aware of any fees which may be charged by your phone carrier.